2022 Resolution Push Through!

We are all familiar with the new year push and optimism. We truly mean well for ourselves, it seems to be when most of our hopes and dreams for the future are the most vivid. A new beginning if you will. However, we also know for many these dreams, goals and plans can get lost in our everyday life and often fall by the wayside in a couple of months. This year we strive to change that, if we can even follow through on one goal for the entire year, it will be worth the effort.

Here are some pointers we will be employing this year to help us push through, we hope these assist you as well!


This is the most important part of your start. Take that vague idea out of your mind and put it on something tangible. Paper, your tablet, whatever. Getting your vision on something where you can take a look at it and see it helps to make it more real. Also, the very act of writing or expressing this goal helps to ingrain it into your mind. Some people love a good old vision board. Why not try it!

This also assists you in getting a crystal clear understanding of your 'why'. What are your reasons for setting these goals? Trust us, you will need to go back to this clarity in a few months.


Do not let the end goal you listed before overwhelm you. This is the part where you map your road to these awesome goals. Break your vision into micro-goals. Achievable steps to get you to the finish line. This makes it all easy to digest and also to work towards every single day. Do not focus solely on the end goal, look at the micro-goal, achieve that, tick it off and push to the next. Doing this increases your sense of accomplishment as well!


Working towards a goal is most times not easy. This is where you go back and meditate on your 'why'. Then look at the micro-goals you have knocked off, how can you stop there? In this time of pushing through it is extremely important to enjoy the journey, albeit hard. Celebrate yourself and how far you have come and the work you have had to do to get there.


Reward yourself each time you knock off a micro-goal. Think of something wholesome that would make this achievement worth pushing through towards!

Let's all work on our goals and dreams this year. Remember, you are stronger and doing better than you think!

The Pure Beauty Bag Team

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