Three Lip Care Tips

Give Your Lips Some Love!

Many overlook their lips in the skincare routine and that's a problem. Your lips need just as much love as your face and body. Here are some of our favorite ways to pamper our pucker!


Be sure to exfoliate your lips by gently scrubbing away dead skin cells. This also helps to improve

circulation in the lips. There are many nice scrubs on the market and you can also make your own by mixing a little honey and brown sugar together. Gently smooth over lips and rub together for a sweet exfoliation! Alternatively, you can simply gently brush your lips with your toothbrush after you have brushed your teeth.


Use a moisturizing lip balm to keep your lips supple and healthy. For excellent moisturization opt for

balms that are comprised of natural oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, lanolin, and even beeswax.

Bonus tip: seal that hydration with Vaseline to lock-in that good moisture.


Do protect your lips from the sun as they are not exempt from sun damage and being burnt. Look for

balms that contain an SPF for daytime use. You can opt for ones with SPF for your nighttime routine.

Name some of your go-to lip balms in the comments section!

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