Creative. Visionary. Friend.- Tribute to Roland F. A. Harewood of Shine & Co.

On May 8th, 2021, we lost a true light in this world. Needless to say, we feel the need to honor him.

To say Roland was an amazing person is an understatement but there aren't many words to truly encompass all that he was.

He not only loved the finer things in life but always took the time to observe and appreciate the things many of us take for granted; the sound of waves crashing, the opportunity to spend time with friends, the depth of colour in his favorite flower. He was polarizing, he was practical yet optimistic, creative, whimsical, and extremely intelligent.

You Subbies know his jewelry brand, Shine & Co. is no stranger to the Pure Beauty Bag. Roland's goal was to bring a beautiful and high-quality line that embodies our culture. He wanted to satisfy the nostalgia and cultivate pride throughout the diaspora.

Roland spent hours and a plethora of resources designing these pieces, liaising with his silversmiths who live on the other side of the world. He fought to bring the best quality, with a drive to create something truly amazing and iconic. If you purchased or have been gifted any Shine & Co. pieces, cherish them. This is truly the end of an era that will never ever be perfectly replicated.

While this is an immeasurable loss, and we will miss him dearly every day; we hold him close in our memories. We honor him by donning his jewelry proudly. We endeavor to live each day with tenacity, love, and joy. To Roland, may we never forget him.

The Pure Beauty Bag Team

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