Elevate Your Shower Experience!

Long, luxurious baths just sound amazing! Soaking in a combination of essential oils and decadent bath bombs feels like heaven, but most of us have showers or do not have the time for a soak in the tub. Do not despair my friends, there are a few small tweaks you can make to your shower-time that will take the experience up many notches.


We know, we know! We preach this all the time; aromatherapy is one of our go to things for setting a mood and aiding relaxation. Scents can induce calming, refreshed and even energized vibes! So this is a no-brainer for us. You can choose to vary how you incorporate it into your experience; candles, incense, wax melts and even shower steamers can really enhance your shower-time.


Add some carefully selected plants to your bathroom! Not only has the colour green been proven to promote positive energy, but they will improve the air quality in the room.

Our current obsession is hanging a eucalyptus plant around the shower-head rod. The steam from your shower will release the refreshing essential oil that has many benefits such as clearing nasal congestion and inflammation.

Foot Massage Bath Mat

“I hate foot massages!”, said no one ever! Add one of these mats to your shower floor and run your feet on them as you shower. Amazing! It feels soo good and also improves circulation. Your feet will love you forever.

What are some of your bath-time favorites? Comment below!

The Pure Beauty Bag Team

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