Expressing Your Personal Style Through Glasses by Rashida from Eye Canvas

Glasses are no longer seen as just a necessity to correct your vision but have evolved through the years to be an extension of expressing your personal style. We at Eye Canvas Eyewear consider the face a blank canvas and eyewear the prefect fashion accessory.

Our team at Eye Canvas Eyewear want you to love everything about your new pair of glasses so we are sharing our best tips for choosing the perfect frame:

Match your frame to your face shape

If your face is round choose angular frames to balance your features. If you have chiseled cheekbones or a square chin, round frames can soften your look. It’s important that you don’t over power your facial features but compliment them. View of style guide for more assistance with matching frames to your face shape here.

Skin tones influence colour choices

It is important that you choose frames that work well with your skin tone. Be mindful that you skin tone can either be cool or warm. Most of us here in Barbados and the wider Caribbean have warm skin tones with bronze, yellow or red under tones, therefore, frames in shades of brown, gold, beige, or even olive green can enhance the warmth of our skin tone.

Get creative with your frames

Express any element of your personality. Whether it’s a refined sophisticated sense of style or fun and whimsical. Why not have several pairs of glasses that you interchange and swap out as your mood suits.

What lifestyle do you lead?

When selecting prescription lens you must consider the impact that your lifestyle will have on type of lens that you select. Consider the types of activities you are involved in while you wear glasses. Do you have an active outdoor lifestyle? If you do then transitions lens are a great way to protect your eyesight from harmful UV rays. Or, do you spend most of your time in front of a computer screen? If you do, then a blue light lens would be a great way to protect against eye strain and fatigue caused by blue light emitted from the computer screen.

Comfort is key

Wearing glasses all day means that you need a comfortable fit. Ensure that your frames are not too heavy on your nose and embellishments don’t disturb your vision. Your frames need to not only fit perfectly on your face but also hold comfortably behind your ears as well.

Keep our tips in mind when you are selecting your next frames so that you not only select glasses that express your personal style but also are comfortable and match your lifestyle. View our collection of trendy and classic frames and try each frame virtually to find your perfect fit. You can also book an in store appointment via our website

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