Get The Most Out of Your Cleanser

Investing in skincare can easily add up and in a climate like this one we all require bang for our buck! Here are some easy tips to get the most out of your current facial cleanser.


Your cleanser may be amazing however you do not want to solely rely on it to remove your full face of makeup or even if it's only sunscreen. Use a mi cellar water or oil based remover like organic coconut oil to break up and remove your makeup first. Then you can go in with your cleanser of choice.

Dry Apply

Like, what is this?! OK, just hear us out. Apply a pump or quarter sized amount of your cleaner to your face before actually wetting it. Massage the product evenly into your skin with your fingertips, then after approximately twenty seconds, go in with your water to activate the cleanser some more.

Take Your Time

Try not to wash your face in a rush, particularly in the evenings. Take your time to massage your product into the skin, lather it up and continue with the cleanser massage. It is recommended to do this for about one minute. This gives the product time to really work. Remember you invested in this, do not wash it all down the drain!

We are all about intentional self-care, whenever possible make it a rule not to rush this part of your routine. We know you are busy but take that minute out for yourselves ladies!

The Pure Beauty Bag Team Member

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