Guide to Creating an Awesome At Home Spa Experience

The home may be where the heart is but let's get real, some of us are getting restless and the thought of another lock-down can be daunting! This is truly the time to embrace your surroundings, tweak them perhaps, and make them into relaxing and enjoyable spaces.

There's not much we love more than a good spa day. Soothing, relaxing, pampering; it's the perfect 'me time' activity to not only rejuvenate the body but to help you get your mind right.

Here are some tips to creating a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home, utilizing many of the things you already have!

  • Find a comfortable area to do your facial or self-care routine. Somewhere that is not high traffic and is also quiet. This is your time, if you are a busy lady be sure to schedule it. You deserve it girl!

  • Engage all your senses! Relaxing background music is great to calm the mind. Dim the lights and fire up some of your favorite scented candles. Diffuser lovers, get that diffuser going with your scented oil of choice. We prefer calming scents like lavender.

  • Up the ante with hot towels. It could get really annoying to get up to wash off your cleanser or face masks. Tap into your inner facialist and have some clean warm towels handy to remove these treatments and cleanse your face. Simply soak some clean face towels in hot water, wring them out slightly, fold and stack in a basin or plate. Use as needed.

  • Double up! Make the most of your time by doing two treatments at once. For example, apply a clay face mask, sit in a comfy chair and have a soothing foot soak at the same time! Ultimate relaxation and a fave combo here at The Pure Beauty Bag.

  • Stay hydrated. You could go the spa route and sip on refreshing infused water that has slices of fresh cucumber and lemon or you could be a little more indulgent and have a glass of wine! Whatever floats your boat!

  • Use this time to be one with yourself. You may want to do some light meditation, journal, or read a good book in between treatments. Whatever you do; take it all in. This is your time! What types of self-care routines do you enjoy? We wanna know! The Pure Beauty Bag Team

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