It's 2022!! Here's Our Mission.

After all we have been through it is by now small accomplishment that we are here and for that we must all be grateful. Despite everything we have our hopes, goals and dreams! I know looking at the end goal and where we want to be can be a bit daunting or overwhelming but let's enjoy the journey together. It is important for me to tell you about our 2022 mission.

The Pure Beauty Bag has always been about providing the reminder to busy women that, 'Your self-care is important, it isn't selfish, it is pivotal.'. Each subscription is carefully thought-out and we continue to endeavor to introduce you to amazing products, services, and experiences. All to the betterment and revitalization of our Subbies.

This year we focus heavily on balance and health and wellness. The Pure Beauty Bag team will be immersed in bringing you new interactive experiences! Some which of may serve to entertain you, provide a support system, a revitalizing retreat, or even inspire a new hobby. Without letting too much out of the bag, please know this year 'we got you', we are dedicated to uplifting our community of you beautiful ladies.

We urge you to join our newsletter, read our blog posts and engage with our social media. All of our circumstances are ever-changing however once constant will be our support. Stay tuned, we have some pretty amazing plans that include you coming soon!

Lots of Love

Deirdre Blackett

The Pure Beauty Bag Founder

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