Natural Hair Care the Quarantine Edition

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

It’s a fact, the Pandemic has changed the way we do our natural hair. With the Covid-19 protocols and

stay-at-home orders, no longer can we run to the hair store to pick up our favourite moisturizer, detangler

or to try-out new products whenever we want. As natural hair pioneers, we have had to get creative with

our styles and experiment with new looks, thank you YouTube and; TikTok! If you are still in quarantine

mode, this article is for you! Here are some YouTube videos that have helped me get through these rough


1. Easy Low Manipulation Styles

In need of that quick hairstyle for work Monday morning or need a quick do-up to pop out to the

supermarket? We’ve got you! Try QueenTeshna’s easy low manipulation natural hairstyles. In this video

she gives you not one but three options to work with, so switching it up is easy to do. Click the link to see

how she achieved these looks:

2. The Sleek Braided Ponytail

Of course the Pure Beauty Team is going to give you that slayed look during the pandemic! Was there

ever a doubt! Check out this video where natural hair guru Zenita gives us a detailed instructional video

that shows you her heat-less stretch routine and how to achieve this gorgeous, sleek, braided ponytail on

natural hair! Click the link and get started:

3. The Perfect Twisted Braid-Out!

We couldn’t go without using old faithful. In this video Mini Marley give us a reboot of the braid-out

where she introduces us to her method of both braiding and twisting that creates the perfect hairstyle

every time. Try it for yourself: .

Here at the Pure Beauty Bag we love when our subbies try our recommendations. Why not tag us on

Instagram #Purebeautybag #Purebeautyteam with your looks and comment below to let us know which

one will be your go-to-style.

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