Our Favorite Sunscreen for both Face and Body

“Everyone's free to wear sunscreen”. We definitely agree with Baz Luhrman here but it is also true that we do not all follow his sage advice!

Before we dive into why we love the featured sunscreen, let's discuss a little about why it is soo very important, for all of us.

Vitamin D is pivotal, however sun damage is a no no. The possibility of developing skin cancer due to reckless sun exposure is ever present. Harmful UVA rays have a longer wavelength, have the ability to penetrate the skin deeply and therefore contribute to premature aging. UVB rays are associated with skin burning and long term damage to the skin barrier. A good broad spectrum sunscreen will help to protect the skin from both of these types of rays.

When looking for a face and body sunscreen, we want something effective and that feels good on the skin. Greasy finishes, chemical scents and thick formulas are what usually makes people reluctant to use this in their everyday routine, particularly on their face.

Not with this baby! The Capital Soleil Soft Sheer Sunscreen SPF 60 is a total gem and a joy to use. Broad spectrum that has a water resistant protection wear time of 80 minutes. This formula is also anti-aging and dermatologist tested, wonderful for sensitive skin.

We love how this formula is light and works seamlessly into the skin! If you are going fresh faced, say goodbye to that dreadful white cast, and makeup wearers; your foundation applies smoothly over top.

After using this in varying situations and different skin types for close to 3 months, we are proud to say this is Pure Beauty Bag Team approved! We love it! Pick a tube up at Collins Pharmacy!

The Pure Beauty Bag Team

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