Our Product Picks for An Awesome Self-Care Sunday!

'Self-Care Sunday' has fast become our favorite event of the weekend.

It takes us into the work week a little more settled, a lot more refreshed, and ready to slay our goals!

Here is a compilation of some staples we love, love, love, and make sure we have for our relaxation routines

1) Bath Salts!

A definite staple for the times when you want to have a relaxing soak in the tub.

Epsom salt based soaks are a favorite because they help to soothe muscles, detoxify the body, and hydrates the skin, among other benefits!

This product also doubles for when you just want to do a simple foot soak.

2) Clay Masks.

Bentonite clay masks have been featured on our social media pages for years now and we won't be stopping that any time soon! We love this homemade mask because it is exfoliating and detoxifying. The face just feels soo soft after this easy treatment. We recommend this twice a month as this has the potential to be a tad drying. It's nothing a little extra hydration wouldn't remedy so have no fear!

3) Sheet Masks and Under Eye Patches.

These babies are definitely skincare treats. Not as essential as a face cleanser or moisturizer but we like to think of them as the extra novelty that we deserve! They do have some great benefits such as added hydration; some sheet masks are soaks with actives like hyaluronic acid and essences. Under-eye patches are soothing and cooling. They work to calm and hydrate that delicate under-eye area, resulting in a lessening of the appearance of wrinkles.

4) Body Scrub.

There's nothing like a good salt scrub to take a warm shower to new self-care heights.

Body scrubs not only slough away dead cells but also reveal healthy radiant skin. They also promote circulation and reduce stress. Winner!

5) Body Oil.

After all those detoxifying treatments and exfoliations we need to benefit from some serious hydration! On these evenings we swap out our regular body creams for lush body oil.

Oils not only help to repair the skin barrier; they also lock in moisture. Opt for a scent like lavender to improve your night's sleep!

What are some of your Self-Care Sunday favorites? We wanna know!

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