Productivity Tip- Multi-Tasking is Overrated

Yes we said it and we'd say it again; 'multi-tasking is overrated guys!'.

Many of us have been raised to believe it is a good thing to be able to work on multiple tasks all at once. While we do acknowledge that effective time management is key; it must also be stated multi-tasking is not necessarily the way to go.

This approach tends to foster anxiety as you have more than one plate spinning at once. We find it more effective to dedicate your time and focus spend on one specific task at a time.

Implement this immediately and you will realize your completed projects or tasks will improve in quality, you will have less anxiety, you will accomplish more work-wise.

Mel Robbins, the author of The 5 Second Rule, suggests starting with fifteen minutes time slots. If you promise yourself after this time of intense focus on one task, you may rest; it is highly possible you may be motivated to continue crushing work because you are now in the mental zone of working on that particular project. If however, you do not feel compelled to continue at least you have a solid fifteen minutes of work completed. It may sound like a small amount of time but those minutes add up my friends.

What are some of your productivity tips? Have you tried this technique?

Comment and let us know!

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