Productivity Tip to Crush the Week- It’s All About the Workspace

Now that we are required to work from home, we can start to get a little too comfortable, like propping up the laptop on a make-shift desk near the bed or working in the family room with the kids and the tv as distractions. Whatever it is you’ve been doing, it’s time to get serious about setting up a functional workspace in your home. Here are a few simple things to keep in mind that can help you stay the course.

Location, Location, Location! The most you need is an area that is naturally well-lit. Insufficient light can make it difficult to work for long periods throughout the day. So, then it’s obvious to choose a space with a window, but if you are going to get distracted by the traffic or the ‘comings and goings’ of the neighbours, you’ll need to find another spot. You can switch up that extra bedroom, or even rearrange the storage room, but always be mindful of your background as that is the first thing your colleagues will notice during those zoom meetings. Depending on the layout of your home an extra room may not be an option for you so try setting up a work area in the living or dining room. Whatever you choose to do, select a workspace based on your needs and adapt accordingly.

Limit distractions! You need an area where you can minimize distractions and have privacy during the day. Avoid areas that have a television, this can be very distracting. If this is not an option, do not turn on the tv during your set working hours. Most importantly, DO NOT set up in the kitchen! This is the biggest distraction where you can get very snacky and before you know it, you’ll be reaching in your fridge & pantry more often than you want to. Trust me, quarantine weight gain exists!

Good Wi-Fi! Ugh! It’s very embarrassing to drop out of those virtual meetings especially if we are presenting. So, if we are going to work from home, we need to ensure we are positioned in an area that receives a strong and stable Wi-Fi signal. Communication with our colleagues is necessary if we are going to be productive and meet our targets on time. Operating where there is a strong, stable Wi-Fi signal can ensure that we receive and send communication efficiently and effectively.

Makeover your furniture! You’ll need a flat or ergonomically designed surface to use as a desk. Don’t have anything of the sort available? I have found that a simple 4ft. folding table is quite adequate. Avoid using the dining room table or your lap as they are not the most efficient places to work long hours. Now, when it comes to seating, a good chair that allows you to sit upright comfortably, can do wonders! Look around the house for the chair that can give you good neck, back, and leg support for those 8-hour days. Recently, more persons have been switching to a “standing desk” throughout their workday. If this is you, find a location in your home that allows you to be flexible!

Close the door! These days separating your workspace from the rest of your home where you eat, play, and relax is critical for you to be able to work efficiently. The act of physically and mentally closing the door at the start of your day, signals that it’s time to get into work mode. Now, when it comes to the end of the workday, by closing the door you signal to your brain to turn off that work persona and get back into mommy/daddy, hubby/wifey, or free and single-mode.

With these tips in mind, let’s not forget that the main purpose of designing a functional workspace is to make sure that everything you need is accessible to make your day go easier. Use these tips to start creating a workspace at home that works for you!

Do you have tips of your own? Share with us at the Pure Beauty Bag what works for you by commenting below.

Let’s get this done guys! We've got goals to crush!

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