Self-Care For Your Soul

One phrase I know we are all just about sick of hearing is “We are living in unprecedented times”, but it really is the truth and in a bad way. More than ever we are all dealing with grief, and at the base level, increase in stress.

As times get harder the need for self care is of more importance. It is definitely a requirement for survival.

This initiative has always been about reminding ladies that they need to take care of themselves. With never enough hours in our days, being in tune with your mental, emotional and physical health must be intentional. Prioritizing taking time to center and fill your figurative cup is pivotal to reinvigorate your body and edify your soul. In this way we can also pay it forward and remind another person of this need.

Self care goes way beyond face masks and spa evenings. It has very much to do with your environment, the people you associate with, your hobbies, how you unwind, your sleep hygiene, therapy, working out and the list goes on. It is literally the way you live your life.

Never forget you are the main character, you are the architect and you have the ability to design your life. Ask yourself, “Am I living my life in a way that is building me up?”, “At the end of my recreation do I feel refreshed or utterly drained?”, “Do my friends or relationships make me happy?”, “How does my body feel after I eat particular meals?”. Get into the habit of asking yourself and deeply considering “How does this particular thing make ME feel?”. This is the highest form of honoring yourself, your body and your life. When you get into the habit of living in this way then you have the tools to design, edit and create a life you love. This is self-care.

Some tips that have helped me on my own journey are:-

  • Starting each day with prayers and gratitude.

  • Journaling each morning.

  • Working out

  • Reading a variety of books every month. A mix of business, poetry and self help publications.

  • Channeling my creativity into a hobby I love

  • Frequent beach trips with people who build me up.

Make no mistakes I am far from mastering this, in fact recently my body nearly failed me because I was pushing against it way too hard. I had to stop, take stock and re-adjust, and that's OK.

Ladies, self-care comes in many forms, it will never look the same for everyone. Take the time to tap into what works for YOU and lean into that.




The Pure Beauty Bag Team

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