Hi! My name is Dee and I am the founder of this beautiful initiative, The Pure Beauty Bag.

If you do not know exactly what it is see our section 'Mission'.

I wanted to come let you know a little more about myself and the inspiration behind The Pure Beauty Bag.

I have always been taken with makeup and skincare; watching my mom and aunts apply their makeup and teach me about skincare at a young age was a favorite pass time. It no doubt sowed the seeds for the love I have for both things.

Having obtained a Bachelors Degree in English Literature, many assumed the natural career path would have been to pursue teaching. However, my awesome parents have always encouraged my siblings and I to follow our heart and passion in life. For that I am eternally grateful!

Turns out, makeup and skincare have my heart! I have been a professional makeup artist at my own company, Beauty By Dee Blackett for ten years. One of my favorite parts of an application is the human connection. For my clients, I became a confidant, sounding board, cheerleader and friend. The enduring nature of these women, the sacrifces many of them made day by day, all to keep the world spinning was never lost on me. One day a client called and asked me to put together a self-care box. Then The Pure Beauty Bag was born!

The sense of purpose, the fun, the excitement I feel with every edition shows me I am doing what I am supposed to. With every edition I want to have all these feelings transcend and resonate. I want each subscriber to feel the love, to feel like this is the ultimate gift to herself, to be edified and lifted up.

All these things are my 'why'.

This is the reason we are ever evolving and upping the ante, the love of self care and our female tribe!

Take this journey with us, join our mailing list. Let the fun begin.



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